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Our Farm sits on a little over 17 acres in the shadow of the historic Hillside Mission and Cemetery, The Home Originally built in the 1930’s was a long time home of the Holt Family. and Features a 17 foot hand dug well from that time period. Originally a small cattle and Horse Ranch. Our Family Purchased the property in 2017, with the idea of promoting local Farmer’s and Producers, The property is home to numerous Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Pigs, Cows and horses as well as a llama.

Melanie and Shane Thompson

Married Since 2009, Shane and Melanie have always wanted to serve their community, first through their careers in Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy, Then Through Ministry and now with Food Freedom and Homestead Advocacy. Having a total of 8 children of which 4 were adopted they have had a strong desire to raise a family in the country, in order to teach the next generations about land stewardship and teaching the children how to produce their own food and encouraging creativity and self sufficiency.

Duff and Pam Thompson

Duff and Pam have Been Married since 1972 and have been dedicated to supporting others and educating others. Long time Fosters Parents who adopted 4 children over the years. Pam specializes in Goats and Horses, and Duff Specializes in Feed Bills and visiting with all the guests.

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